Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Me overlooking the water

Today's walk took us to Ardingly, the home of the South of England Show. This walk was nearly 4 miles and on a very hot day. Ardingly village itself is believed to be around 6000 years of age. The name Ardingly- pronounced Arding LYE- the last part meaning a place where cattle are kept. The walk we took follows the High Weald Landscape Trail.

While passing through part of the village we came across this real old bakery, still used today. We were good, we were not tempted to go in.

Passing through several fields and woods we came upon Ardingly College.A huge great building thats been here since 1870.

We walked past the buildings built in the shape of an 'H' and dominated by a huge Chapel and a tower. When we were walking past the back of the college we saw a lovely herb bed that was made and used by the kitchen staff.

Moving on around a sharp corner we came to a beautiful house and garden. This is Great Saucelands.

After that we arrived at the reservoir. On the water were some college students having canoe lessons.

Further over the far side there were others being taught sailing. It must have been lovely out there because the weather was 30 degrees that day.

The views of the reservoir that day were really pretty, with strong reflections of the dark trees and the green-gold of the grasses. The reservoir was formed in 1979 and will hold 5000 million litres of water. It is now an established Nature Reserve.

Along the path was a gap in the bushes and we saw a huge stag beetle. Created by a conservation ranger who said that as stag beetles like to live in dead wood it seemed appropriate to make one from it lol.

Next stop was the church, a very pretty and tidy churchyard. The church itself dates from around 1330. In the church are 5 old bells from the 17th and 18th century.

Also as we looked around the inside of the church, while having a nice cold drink, provided by a lady who looks after it, we were shown some lovely brasses that they keep covered.

Then back to the village and the old buildings again.

The Oak - Public House

We hope you have enjoyed our walk with us. Please do come again.

All photographs by Paula Oakley
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