Monday, 15 July 2013

Rape Seed, Pond and Cows

Our walk today starts out at East Chiltington Church, a tiny church in the middle of nowhere with a few houses nearby.  Our plan was to find some yellow fields!  Paula has another painting in mind lol.

We crossed a couple of green fields and came upon the bright yellow of the Rape Seed Oil crops.  

And it wasnt just one field!

There were several fields dotted about.

We came across this lovely hidden pond, surrounded by trees, keeping it cool in the hot sunshine. We spotted a family of geese having a swim around. They came and checked us out before swimming off again

 For those that have read my other walks posts, yes, we found more cows lol. We had to push our way past them to get over the stile into the next field. Cows are quite prominent in our lives because we both grew up on a farm.

We found a shady place to have our lunch, with some lovely views of the south downs.

Moving on we could see the 'V' on the downs quite clearly. There are a few stories about this but the one I've heard most is that the trees were planted in a V shape to commemorate Queen Victoria coming to the throne. This seems the most likely story given the age and size of the trees. 

We rounded a corner and found ourselves in a farm yard. 
Next to us was a beautiful old Cromwellian Barn. 

This is the resulting painting from our walk    

DOWNLAND GOLDThis painting has been chosen to be the Editors favourite in the magazine- 
       "The Leisure Painter" Out on sale on 16th August.

All photographs by Paula Oakley

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