Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wolstonbury Hill

Looking up to Wolstonbury Hill
Our walk today took us to Wolstonbury Hill. This is one of the higher parts of the south downs in our area.

The wildife was rare but we saw one fluffy bunny. 

As we started to ascend the hill through the wooded area at the start, the path became very muddy and wet, we thought we were in for a slippery time but as we climbed the path higher it became dryer. Coming out of the woodland and climbing a field we looked back and saw this unusual view of Jack and Jill Windmills at Clayton. Jill is the white one and Jack is black. Jack is now a private house, but Jill is open to the public several times a year. 

Jack and Jill Windmills

At about half way up I decided to rest on a stile just before the long ascent to the top. It really was as steep as it looks. Not being the fittest person it must have taken me half an hour to get up the final slope.

The long slope up

We also had our lunch looking over the fantastic views. We could see long distance views in every direction, from the sea at Brighton in East Sussex to the ridge of the North Downs in Surrey.

Trig point at the top

Coming to the top we found the trig point. 

Up with the birds

Even though the weather was overcast and a little hazy we could make out various landmarks.

We felt sorry for this lonely little windswept tree near the top.

Very steep slope down

This is me walking back down, which was just as hard as the climb up.  I think if I had lost my footing there I wouldn't have stopped till I reached the bottom. 

Finishing off our walk we came along a little one track lane which came out at Clayton Tunnel. This is the main London to Brighton line and the tunnel is one mile long. One of the longest in the country.
Clayton Tunnel 

We hope you enjoyed our walk today.

Photographs by Paula Oakley- Artist

To see Paula's Art go to this link

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